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I'm Katie Furler, the face of Devon Roots Yoga. It is an honour to share the ancient wisdom of Yoga with you. 


My aim is to create friendly and down to earth Yoga classes for people to enjoy. These are steady paced Hatha Yoga sessions. There is balance between strength building work and more restorative postures. All classes are mixed ability, beginners are encouraged to join us! 

I am passionate about the holistic health rewards of a regular Yoga practice. We are seeing more scientific research to back up these wonderful wellbeing claims. It is exciting to see the world of spirituality joining forces with science, a big step in our evolution I feel.

Creating Yoga that is enjoyable and accessible to as many people as possible is important to me.  My invitation is to move our bodies and calm our minds in a safe and nourishing space. Practising together in this way feels essential to our health and vitality, in a life full of twists and turns.


"Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind."


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