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Training and Development

  • Devon School of Yoga 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Gratitude to my course teachers including founder of the school Duncan Hulin (pictured) 

I give respect to the lineage of The Devon School of Yoga, which is directly traced back to Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa of Kerala, South India. His wisdom was shared with Dr Pillai, who taught Duncan.

My intention will be to teach in a way that honours this transmission of knowledge, and the roots of this ancient practice.

Current Training


Excited to be part way through a 100 hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Trauma Therapy Manchester. Course leader Susi Wrenshaw is a true inspiration, I look forward to offering my skills in this work in 2023.

Trauma Informed Yoga is a specialised branch of Yoga that acknowledges the effects of trauma in the body, mind and spirit. Trauma is not only the distressing experience itself, but also the lasting emotional response to that experience.

Please visit my Trauma Informed Yoga page for more information on this incredible work.

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