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Trauma Informed Yoga

I am currently completing a 100 hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Trauma Therapy Manchester. Susi Wrenshaw, course leader, is a wise and compassionate teacher. I am inspired and excited to share my skills through this work in 2023.

Trauma Informed Yoga is a specialised branch of Yoga that acknowledges the effects of trauma in the body, mind and spirit. Trauma is not only the distressing experience itself, but also the lasting emotional response to that experience.

There are 3 stages explored within this work:


  • Practices to develop a sense of safety in the body and our environment.

  • Tools for developing self-awareness.

  • Education around the nervous system and techniques for self-regulation.


  • A safe space held for the student to explore felt experiences in the present moment.

  • Guidance and support to stay grounded and safe through explorations.

  • It is important to have talking therapy alongside this stage of Trauma Informed Yoga.


  • Teacher and student create a collection of practices for the student to take away.

  • This includes a toolbox of techniques to help with grounding, self-awareness and nervous system regulation.

  • Time to reflect on and honour this work together.

Trauma Informed Yoga is a way of exploring the effects of trauma within the present moment. We do not go into the specific history or events, instead we listen to the echoes of those experiences within our bodies and nervous systems.

We can learn to map our own unique nervous system responses. With this self-awareness we can move forward with compassion and wisdom. We can begin to create a sense of safety and belonging in our worlds, our bodies and our hearts.

This work is for anyone who feels called to it. Trauma can take many forms, it could be an event tangible in memory or something more mysterious and unknown. Perhaps it could be said that many, if not most humans, have trauma through the very nature of our human condition.

Please reach out if you would like to work together either 1-1 or in a small group.

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